Baby Peach is the baby version of Princess Peach. Baby Peach's first game appearance was in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, where she was often shown crying and being entertained by the two Toadsworths.

Physical Appearance

Baby Peach looks similar to Princess Peach, having her crown that slips to the side because of her small head. She has bright yellow hair and eyebrows. However, her build is tiny, much smaller than Peach's. She also has a dress similar to Peach's but having a frilly bottom that ends just above her bottom. In most games, she has light pink underwear, and white stockings and shoes on her legs and feet. Due to her skirt and her mobility, her panties are easily visible, and end and the start of her thigh. In some installments, however, her legs are bare and she wears a leotard. She also sucks on a bright pink pacifier. Her eyes are large and blue, and she has small pink blushes on her cheeks.

Yoshi's Island DS

Her next and first playable appearance was in the game Yoshi's Island DS. In the game, Kamek attempted to kidnap all the babies in the world but failed to kidnap her and Baby Mario. She is first playable in the world 1-6. Her special ability was when

Mario Kart Wii

Baby Peach riding a bike

Baby Peach is first seen in the Mario Kart series in Mario Kart Wii. In this game, she is available from the start, like Baby Mario. When choosing her, she would give the player a speed, a weight, acceleration and a handling bonus.

Staff Ghost Tracks


  • Class: Light Weight
  • Stats:
  • Site Biography: "Although she needs a little help reaching the gas pedal, Baby Peach is a racing force in a petite frame."
  • Site Biography 2: "A born competitor is ready to play-and burn rubber!"
  • Guide Biography: Baby Peach loves to fly, and she's very excited about the chance to defeat Baby Mario. Again!
  • Actual Bonuses
    • Speed: +1
    • Weight: +2
    • Acceleration: +1
    • Handling: +1

Mario Super Sluggers

The baby princess's next and first unlockable appearance was in Mario Super Sluggers. In the game; she is a technical character and is a pro at pitching ball. She can be unlocked after players save Peach from Bowser Jr., you find her in a bush. She has good chemistry with every Baby and with Yoshi.