Baboon Balloon (Baboonus Balloonus) is a special move used by Lanky Kong in the game Donkey Kong 64. Lanky can learn this move from Cranky Kong at Frantic Factory after purchasing the potion for it for 7 Banana Coins.


To use Baboon Balloon, the player must locate a pad with Lanky's face on it and press the Z Button button to inflate Lanky and have him slowly fly upwards. Like with Diddy Kong's Simian Spring, Lanky's Baboon Balloon mainly aids him in reaching higher places that he can't normally access. The form doesn't last long (about 10 seconds) but the player can cancel out the move early by pressing the Z Button button again.


  • Baboon Balloon works very similar to the P-Balloon from the Mario series as both users expand and float upwards for a short amount of time. The P-Balloon lasts a little longer, however.

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