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Ba-Boom, the Boisterous is the third boss of the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. He is the boss of Bright Savannah, appearing in the level Triple Trouble. Before the battle, the Kongs notice a Banana Bunch in the air by a wooden pole. As they try to grab it, Ba-Boom snatches the bunch while mocking them. He then creates two copies of himself, whom also mock the Kongs, angering them.

General Information

Physical Description

Ba-Boom is a black baboon with blue cheeks and messy hair. He wears a hat with the Snowmad symbol as well as  on his arms and legs. Ba-Boom's clones look exactly like him except one of them has light-blue cheeks and bracelets while the other has  and bracelets.



To defeat Ba-Boom, the Kongs will have to damage the trio nine times, either by jumping on them or by throwing the watermelon bombs at them.


  • "Boisterous", means noisy and energetic
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