BS Super Mario Collection is a remixed version of Super Mario Collection (the Japanese name for Super Mario All-Stars). It was released for the Satellaview, an add-on for the Super Famicom. Four installments were released for it. As players play the game, there is streamed audio that enhances the gameplay experience, with special music and voice acting from Japanese celebrities. However, information on it is sporadic and not currently complete. The "companion title" for it is BS Super Mario USA.

General differences/additions

  • New icons are featured on the map screen:
    • There is a Fire Flower icon that represents「なえのいえ」 (Nae's house), which is hosted by a Satellaview Radio Personality Nae Yūki. Here, the player can choose to activate「おばけモード」 (ghost mode) which allows them to become Fire Mario upon exiting the level, should he be Small Mario or Super Mario. In turn, this hinders players from participating in rankings.
    • There is a Treasure Ship icon, which is unlocked when the player completes each level in the world.
    • Toad's House is now just a screen where the player chooses a treasure chest, instead of the player actually having to walk to the chest and open it.
    • A timer has been placed in the bottom left of the screen, counting down to the end of a world cycle.
    • At the start of each world, one will find a list of all the levels, and a picture containing dialog beneath it.

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