BOWSER's Big Blast is a battle mini-game that appears in the game Mario Party 2. The game was remade in Mario Party 4 under the name "Bowser's Bigger Blast."


The characters are located in a room full with a giant Bowser bomb in the center it. In front of the bomb, there are five different colored detonators. At the start of the mini-game, one character will be required to push one of the colored detonators down. When they push the detonator down, four of them will either cause Bowser ears to release steam, while the other one causes Bowser's head to start counting down from three and exploding, resulting in the character getting blown of the screen. At the start of the mini-game, four of the detonators will cause Bowser's head to release steam, while one of them will cause his head to detonate. The characters will take turn pressing down detonators until one will cause Bowser's head to explode.

The Mario Party 4 remake, Bowser's Bigger Blast

Once a character is eliminated, the detonator will be eliminated at the same. The remaining players will continue to press down on the detonators until there is one character remaining. The detenator that causes Bowser's head to explode every turn is random, and the color that is picked has no bearing on which will detonate Bowser's head. The last character remaining will win the mini-game, and receive the top spot when coins are rewarded. BOWSER's Big Blast gets a sequel in Mario Party 4 called Bowser's Bigger Blast. The premise of the mini-game is the same as Mario Party 2's version, but the Bowser head is made of glass and a rumble feature is added when his head explodes.


  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Push detenator


  • BOWSER's Big Blast's gameplay set the precedents for other luck mini-games like Cut from the Team, a Mario Party 8 mini-game in which players pick several cords on a wall. If the wrong cord if chosen, then the player is eliminated from the mini-game.

Names in other languages

  • Español: La Explosión Bowserus (Bowser's Explosion)
  • Français: La Furie de Bowser (Bowser's Fury)
  • Italiano: L'Esplosione Bowserus (Bowser's Explosion)