B. Locker is a character that reoccurs in the game, Donkey Kong 64. He is an oddly-shaped character that is found in all of the lobbies that lead to he main levels. B. Locker's role in the game is to block access to levels unless the Kongs have the correct amount of Golden Bananas. If they don't, B. Locker will deny access until they do. After the Kongs show him the correct amount of Golden Bananas, he will disappear to the next lobby. It is unknown what happens to him after leaving from the Hideout Helm lobby.



B. Locker is very strict and takes his job seriously. However, despite this, B. Locker is willing to let the Kongs enter to next levels when they have enough Golden Bananas. It is also assumed that B. Locker isn't working for King K. Rool and is, somewhat, an ally to the Kongs.


  • B. Locker's name is a pun of "blocker" explaining that he blocks access to levels.


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