Super Mario RPG Statistics: Axem Red
Axem Red's artwork.
Location(s) Barrel Volcano
Health Points (HP) 800
Attack 150
Defense 100
Weaknesses Ice
Psychopath Message "I'm all thumbs today!"/"Gotta fight for evil!"
Dropped Coins 0
Experience Points 40

Axem Red is a major character and boss that appears in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is the leader of the Axem Rangers that serve under Smithy in his gang and owns a large battleship known as the Blade.


Being the leader of the Axem Rangers, Axem Red is very strict and doesn't tolerate any failure. He also gets easily annoyed when the other Axem Rangers were defeated and ask him to do favors.


Axem Red is first seen where he and the other Axem Rangers steal the Star Piece from Mario in Barrel Volcano. Axem Red then tries to make a getaway onto the Blade over the volcano but Mario and his friends catch up. Axem Red and the others engauge Mario in a battle but they untimely lose. Axem Red is then destroyed along with the other Axem Rangers when the Blade crashes into Barrel Volcano. However, Axem Red and the others can be seen during the ending parade.


In battle, Axem Red's status are well balanced out. Despite not using any fire-elemental moves, Axem Red's main element is fire meaning he has a special defense against them. After Axem Red's HP is down, he will hop onto the Blade and will fire the deadly Breaker Beam that can cause major damage to all of Mario's party.


Axem Red doesn't pose much of a threat in battle so he should be targeted last. Axem Red, being fire-elemental, is weak against Ice but it's better to just have three members of Mario's party attack Axem Red at once instead of wasting a lot of Flower Points using a special move.

Special Attacks


  • Axem Red is the only boss in the game to use both Vigor Up and Valor Up.
  • Axem Red is based off of the Red Ranger of the Power Rangers.
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