Super Mario RPG Statistics: Axem Black
Artwork of Axem Black.
Location(s) Barrel Volcano
Health Points (HP) 550; 11000 (Armageddon 1st fight)
Attack 140
Defense 120
Magic Attack 4
Magic Defense 40
Special Attacks Attacks
Weaknesses Thunder
Dropped Item None
Yoshi Cookie Item None
Psychopath Message "Your timing stinks!"/"Will I make the team?"
Dropped Coins 0
Experience Points 40
Axem Black Battle.png

Axem Black is a character and boss that appears in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is a member of the villainous Axem Rangers that work for Smithy of his Smithy Gang.


Axem Black is first seen where he and the rest of the Axem Rangers steal the Star Piece from Mario at Barrel Volcano. They all attempt to escape on the Blade but their battleship was running late and Mario manages to hop on board before they can escape. Axem Black and the others have no choice but to enguage Mario in battle. Eventually, they were defeated and Axem Black was destroyed along with the rest of the Axem Rangers when their ship crashed into Barrel Volcano.


Out of the Axem Rangers, Axem Black is the fastest of the group and is able to attack twice in the same sequence. Axem Black's attack and defense power is rather high but his magic attack and magic defense is low.


Axem Black is weak against thunder-based attacks, making Mallow's Shocker move deadly against him. This is especially effective, since Axem Black's magic defense is low.

Special Moves