The Autograph is a reoccurring item that appears in the Paper Mario series.


Paper Mario

In this game, two Autographs are present: Luigi's and Merluvlee's. Both of these autographs are needed in order to complete two of Koopa Koot's favors. While Luigi was willing to give out his autograph freely, Merluvlee will only give her autograph if Mario heads to Dry Dry Outpost and get the Crystal Ball from her sister. After that is done, Merluvlee gladly gives her autograph and the excited Koopa Koot awards Mario with three Star Pieces.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In this game, the autograph is signed by the Excess Express Engineer as a present for a Bob-omb named Bub. After that, the pleased young Bob-omb awards Mario with a Shine Sprite.

Super Paper Mario


In this game, Mario must get an autograph signed for Old Man Watchitt after being haunted by a spirit. After Mario goes to temple and signs the piece of paper, Old Man Watchitt awards Mario with the You-Know-What which is required to get the optional Pixl Piccolo.


  • Out of all the Autographs, only the Train Engineer's is required to get in order to complete the game.