Attack Piece

Attack Piece block from Bowser's Inside Story

Attack Pieces are multicolored jigsaw puzzle pieces found throughout Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

When Mario and Luigi obtain ten of them, they earn a special attack. Mario and Luigi have a total of 10 Special Attacks. They are Green Shell, Fire Flower, Jump Helmet, Yoo Who Cannon, Super Bouncer, Mighty Meteor, Spin Pipe, Snack Basket, Magic Window, and Falling Star. Bowser only has 6 Special Attacks in the game: Goomba Storm, Shy Guy Squad, Koopa Corps, Bob-omb Blitz, Magikoopa Mob, and Broggy Bonker.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

Attack Pieces return in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team where they are scattered throughout places on Pi'illo Island and in the Dream World. On the island, you unlock Bro. Attacks, and in the Dream World, you get Luiginary Attacks. You must find all 10 in the respective location in order to get them.

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