Attack FX B is a badge in the Paper Mario series.


Paper Mario

Attack FX B one.png

In its first appearance in Paper Mario, Attack FX B gives Mario a new sound that is made when a hammer or jump attack is used in battle. Like all of the other Attack FX badges, Attack FX B makes a sound when Mario uses his hammer ouside of combat as well. Attack FX B, when equipped, makes a loud flute sound.

This badge is found in a secret box outside of Koopa Village. On Pleasant Path, there are three blocks that are in a triangle formation in front of the entrance to Koopa Village. By hitting the blocks in a special order: Left, Right, Top, Mario can make a hidden block to appear. Hitting the block's location beforehand has no result. Inside of the block is this badge.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Attack FX B is the only attack FX badge to make a reappearance, although it doesn't make the same sound as it did in the last game nor does it have the same sprite, as it is blue rather than red. The sound the badge makes in this game, resembles that of a squeak.

To acquire this badge, Mario must visit Hooktail Castle, and this badge is only obtainable after a certain point in the game in which a trouble by ??? can be undergone. ??? will tell Mario to go to Hooktail Castle and collect a badge there. Mario must use Madame Flurrie to move a hidden square area in the center of the large room Hooktail was fought in to reveal a treasure chest. The badge is in this hidden chest. Then, Mario must hand-deliver the badge to ???, and in doing so, she tells him that Mario needs her badge stealing tactics and joins the party, letting Mario keep the badge.

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