Army is an armadillo-like enemy in Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land. Armies appear sporadically throughout the game and boast an effective attack pattern. When Donkey and Diddy Kong are spotted by an Army, it curls up and rolls directly toward them. Army continues to roll until he is stomped on. Donkey Kong, however, can defeat an Army in one jump, but it takes two hits with Diddy if Army is curled up and comes out then Diddy must quickly jump on it to defeat it.

Army Dillo, a giant Army, appears in Donkey Kong 64 as a boss. However, the Army species themselves don't appear.

Army was possibly going to be a ridable creature in Donkey Kong Racing until the game ended up cancelled as Kiddy was seen riding on one.


  • Armies are the last enemy spawned by the boss Dumb Drum.