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Arich is a spider-like arachnid boss found in Kremwood Forest and Blackforest Plateau in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and later in Donkey Kong Land III respectively. He is the second boss in the former and the third in the latter. Arich attacks in various ways including spitting spitballs and bouncing down on the Kongs.


When first encountered, Arich bounces up and down on a giant thread of a straight line of spider web and attempts to crush Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong in the process. Dixie and Kiddy must jump on one of Arich's legs to bounce on top of it to go right to get the barrel to attack its mouth. When they repeat this step, Arich starts spitting more spitballs and becomes more the more times the Kongs hit Arich. When the Kongs hit Arich four times, Arich collapses, lands on its back, and gives the Kremkoin so the Kongs can access Cotton Top Cove and Mekanos.

In Donkey Kong Land III, the battle is similar, except without the barrels and the Kongs must jump on Arich four times to defeat him. The battle starts out with Arich spitting spitballs and progressively becomes faster on bouncing the more times when jumped on.

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