Arfur is a minor character that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


He is one of several Doogans that live in Rogueport. He and his good friend Swindell can usually be found on the east side of the town in front of the Trouble Center. Goombella remarks that both Arfur and Swindell are often whispering to each other about something unknown. Arfur is the only Doogan in the whole game that was given an official name.


Arfur is usually encountered in front of the Trouble Center. While he has actually no real impact on the plot its self, he leaves a request at the Trouble Center once during the game. Arfur plans to open him own shop, and he needs to know the current value of Fire Flowers, Sleepy Sheeps, and Tasty Tonics, based on their prices in the Toad Bros. Bazaar. Mario can collect this information, but it is also possible to simply lie to Arfur, as he will not suspect anything. After he receives the information, he will state that he can in no way compete with the other stores' prices and will ditch his idea again. He will then give Mario ten coins.

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