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"Hit other targets like Toad, Boo and Baby Bowser to win a cache of coins."
― Advice

Archer-ival is a 1 vs. 3 minigame that appears in Mario Party 2.


In Archer-ival, one player plays as an archer while the other three players play as three targets. The archer, who is always facing the targets, is required to fire arrows at the targets as they move along the target range. The archer must hit all the targets of the opposing players before the time expires. The targets, however, must avoid the archer's arrows until the timer expires. If any targets of the opposing players are remaining after the timer expires, the target team wins.

There are two extra targets, which are worth extra coins. These targets are a Toad, a Boo, or Baby Bowser. If the archer loses the minigame, they will still earn the coins from these targets.


Single Player

  • Control Stick - Move Left / Right
  • A Button - Set Arrow, Shoot Arrow

Three Players

  • Control Stick - Move Left / Right


  • This minigame's name is a pun on the term "arch-rival."
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