Anti Guys (also known as Deadly Guys) are a Shy Guy species that appear in Paper Mario. They are the strongest non-boss enemies in the game, and can be very difficult to defeat due to their high attack power. However, all Anti Guy encounters are avoidable, only missing out on the large numbers of Star Points they give.

A lone Anti Guy first appears in Shy Guy's Toy Box, where it guards a treasure chest containing the Power Plus Badge. Mario can either battle this Anti Guy for it, or bribe him with a Lemon Candy; either way earns him the badge.

A trio of Anti Guys also appear at Bowser's Castle. If Mario fails to beat the quiz given by the second Guard Door, it will summon this trio. Due to the high attack of the Anti Guys, this battle is often considered more difficult than even the final Bowser fight.


  • Anti Guys actually have a weakness: Dizzy. If one uses a Dizzy Dial, Dizzy Stomp, or Kooper's Dizzy Shell technique, the battles with the Anti Guys will be much easier.
    • Anti Guys are similar to Kent C. Koopa: Both are very strong opponents but have a weakness that will make them easy to defeat.
  • There are four Anti Guys in the entire game of Paper Mario.