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Ankoopa (also known as Turtle) is a fat Koopa Troopa found in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, they can be knocked over by Mario's Firebrand and having Luigi run into them. In the remake, they are replaced by Gargantua Koopa Troopas.

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga/Bowser's Minions

They appear in caves and recite the same line. They block paths in different paths of the Beanbean Kingdom. After Mario and Luigi master the Fire Tickle, they can knock down Ankoopas. After Mario and Luigi knock down the Ankoopa, the Ankoopa wille express shock and move out of their way.


Below is a list of all 9 of the the Ankoopas, their locations, and what they're blocking the path to.

Ankoopas #1 and #2
Path Blocked: Progression
In the Jellyfish Sisters Cave on the Fire Tickle tutorial side.

Ankoopas #3 and #4
Path Blocked: Progression
East of the path to the Relaxation Room.

Ankoopa #5
Path Blocked: Monty Mole holding a Golden Mushroom
In a cave near the waterfall at the back of Hoohoo Village accessable through a cave hut.

Ankoopa #6
Path Blocked: Yoshi Theater
North of Beanbean Castle Town in the Beanbean Fields near the Tanoombas.

Ankoopa #7
Path Blocked: Alternate path to Teehee Valley / Piranha Bean's area.
North East of Beanbean Castle Town at the beach of Beanbean Fields on the bridge above (knocking over this Ankoopa is optional but works as a shortcut and more convenient route).

Ankoopa #8
Path Blocked: Chucklehuck Woods, Winkle Colosseum
West of the area in Chucklehuck Woods with the two tiny holes accessible by Mini-Mario near several Question Blocks.

Ankoopa #9
Path Blocked: None
In the house closest to Starbeans Café in Beanbean Castle Town. This Ankoopa isn't blocking a path but rather just lives in the house and as a result, cannot be knocked over.


Ankoopa's name is a combination of "anchor" and "Koopa". An anchor is a heavy object attached to a vessel, relating to Ankoopa as being heavy to move.


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