Animal Crossing is a track in DLC Pack 2 on Mario Kart 8.


The track starts out in Town Square, and then heads out towards a bridge over a river. It then heads out into an area with trees around it, and hitting the trees with a Kart or an item will cause fruit to fall from the trees (Like when you shake the trees in the games). You then pass a jump and glide ramp that takes you over a fountain. Around this area, there are item boxes attached to balloons. After this, you'll pass under an archway made out of balloons, and enter a beach. Shells are located around here, so be careful. After this, you'll pass through a small populated area, and over a bridge (Also, you will pass the museum, found in most Animal Crossing games). Near this area, you'll find the character Mr. Resetti (Snowboy in winter), who will possibly take the place of Monty Moles in the track. Rounding the curve after all this takes you back to the starting line.


  • Coins are replaced with Animal Crossing Bells in this track.
  • The seems to change themes, as seen in the Nintendo Direct footage. It takes place during Summer, Fall, and Winter, exactly like most Animal Crossing games change seasons.


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