The Animal Crates are reoccurring objects that appear in the Donkey Kong series. Each of these crates harbors an Animal Buddy that assist Donkey Kong and the others.


Donkey Kong 64

Animal Crates reappear in Donkey Kong 64 where there are only two present: Rambi's and Enguarde's. Unlike in the Donkey Kong Country games, only two specific Kongs can use the Animal Crates in this game. The two are Donkey Kong for Rambi and Lanky Kong for Enguarde. The Animal Crates are also found rather rarely in the game. A single Rambi Animal Crate can be found in the cave near Cranky's Lab in Jungle Japes. Enguarde's Animal Crate can be found in Gloomy Galleon, but is more common in that level since most areas need to be unlocked with Enguarde and they are often found throughout the water.