Amanitas are enemies that appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They are strange, mushroom-like creatures that are mainly found in the Forest Maze.

In battle

Outside of battle, Amanitas disguised themselves as regular mushrooms that spring alive once Mario gets close to them. In battle, Amanitas can use a troublesome move called Sporocyst that can turn one of Mario's party members into a Mushroom.


Amanitas weak point is thunder so Mallow's Thunderbolt comes in handy for wiping them out. Wearing a Trueform Pin will prevent any mushroom transformations.

Battle statistics

Amanita's Stats (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)
Health Points (HP) 52
Flower Points (FP) 100
Attack 35
Defense 30
Magic Attack 31
Magic Defense 18
Speed 12
Experience Points Dropped 3
Coins Dropped 0
Weaknesses Thunder
Dropped Item Mushroom (25%)
Bonus Flower HP MAX! Flower
Yoshi Cookie Item Bad Mushroom
Psychopath Message "Gotta work on my tan!"



  • Amanitas are similar to an enemy from the Earthbound series which are known as Ramblin' Evil Mushrooms.