Amadeus Wolfgeist is a boss appearing in Luigi's Mansion 3. He makes his lair on the Great Stage, which is on the Last Resort Hotel's fourth floor. Luigi fights him for the sixth floor's elevator button during his journey through the hotel. He has 450HP.


Physical Appearance

Amadeus is an elegantly dressed ghost bearing an appearance to that of a normal pianist. He has silver, almost gray hair that is mostly straight except for the back of his hair. His hair bursts into flames when his anger is encited, an example being during the cutscene that plays during his final phase which has him possess the piano he was playing.

Personality traits

Though he likes playing his piano, this character appears rather irritated when Luigi makes his way into the Great Stage. However, Amadeus treats his battle as part of his performance... that is until Luigi pushes him over the edge by sucking up the Twirling Goobs!

Powers and abilities

Amadeus Wolfgeist seems to be able to possess things. While he was in his first phase, the chairs were ripped from their seats. Amadeus then directed the chairs into Luigi. During his final phase, Amadeus can possess his piano. This turns him into a Mad Piano.


Amadeus Wolfgeist was a great piano player before his death. His spirit haunted the Last Resort hotel, posing as his former self. When King Boo took over the hotel, Amadeus found his alignment swaying to evil. Eventually, Luigi cornered and fought him within the Great Stage, capturing him on Professor Elvin Gadd's request.



When Luigi makes his entrance, Amadeus Wolfgeist is busy playing the piano.

Phase 1

During his first phase, Amadeus does not directly fight. Instead, he continues playing the piano. However, the seats will be torn from their foundation and attempt to fly towards Luigi's direction. Luigi can avoid the chairs by constantly running.
Amadeus Wolfgeist Piano 1 - Luigi's Mansion 3 Music Extended OST

Amadeus Wolfgeist Piano 1 - Luigi's Mansion 3 Music Extended OST

Amadeus Wolfgeist battle music (phase 1).

Phase 2

During his second phase, Amadeus summons five Twirling Goobs. They have 100 hit points just like their normal counterparts. However, their masks protect themselvese from Strobulb's flashing, so Luigi has to knock their masks with his Poltergust G-00 before sucking them in. After sucking them in, Amadeus gets mad and the battle gets into phase three.

Amadeus Wolfgeist getting mad.

Phase 3

During his final phase, Amadeus possesses his piano, becoming a Mad Piano. His main attack during this phase involves him slamming down hard on Luigi to crush him. This deals decent damage, but Amadeus will reveal himself. Once he is flashed, he will retreat to the grand stage. He will fire bombs from his mouth. These bombs will flash red before their detonation. Luigi must grab a bomb with his vacuum and fire a bomb at the boss's mouth to stun him, then slam him and render him vulernable. Amadeus Wolfgeist has 450 hit points in combat. Once defeated, the boss will take a bow before being sucked in.

Amadeus Wolfgeist Battle Phase Three Music

Amadeus Wolfgeist Battle Phase Three Music

Behind the scenes

Creation and development

Hence the name, the character is based off Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a famous composer in Austria.


Amadeus Wolfgeist is a reversal of Wolfgang Amadeus.


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