Allergia Gardens is a location that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. It is the final level in the game and is where the fifth and final Wishstone piece is located.


Allergia Gardens, as described by Count Cannoli, is a marvelous garden located in the skies with a sunset-looking background. The main gimmick of this level is the various of mushrooms that can be used to activate time doors and platforms. Naturally, Wario will have to make use of almost all of his abilities to make it through the level.


Episode 10: The Final Face-off!

Wario and Count Cannoli make chase to Carpaccio into Allergia Gardens where Carpaccio hides the key to the door leading to the final room as an attempt to keep Wario from getting the final Wishstone piece. After going through the large area solving the many puzzles of the gardens, Wario finds the Crimson Diamond and unlocks the final door. Carpaccio is upset that Wario made it through and as Wario collects the Wishstone pieces together, Tiaramisu appears and reveals her true nature and form as the demon Terrormisu. She knocks out Carpaccio and attempts to attack Wario as well until Count Cannoli saves them both and urges Wario to take her down. After a long fight, Wario defeats Terrormisu and Goodstyle reveals his true self and gives all of his treasure to a pleased Wario. However, Wario is unable to take the treasure back to the real world with him with Cannoli being the one to take them instead.

Special Episode Part 5

Wario and Cannoli make it back to Allergia Gardens where they are confronted by a returning Terrormisu. She informs the two of them if they could retrieve her treasures, she'll give them "the most beautiful gem from her dimension." It turns out that Terrormisu was talking about herself and both Wario and Count Cannoli run off with Terrormisu giving chase.




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