"You can't go through here unless you solve the puzzle. Once you solve the puzzle, we'll let you through."
― Albino Dino Albino Dinos are beta enemies and regular characters found in Paper Mario.


Three do appear as stable statues in the Crystal Palace and as creatures who can be talked to and flip in the palace when their corresponding statues are moved into a different position when Mario has to solve a puzzle involving them. When completed, the allow Mario to move on. They are also white variations of Dino Rhinos. They are found in the room right next to the Crystal King's lair.


In game

"This is an Albino Dino. He looks exactly like that statue over there. He's a guard of this palace. I never thought you could talk to these creatures! Wouldn't be something if we made friends with these guys? You know, it seems that they like facing us when we talk to 'em."
― Goombario


"This is an Albino Dino. Albino Dinos are the guards of this frosty place. Fire attacks won't work. Their defense power is huge, so let's reduce their HP steadily using our strongest damage-dealing attacks."
― Goombario


  • According to Goombario's beta tattle about these enemies, they were to be immune to fire attacks and would have high defense.



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