'Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009) enemy
Alarm Bob-omb
Alarm Bob-omb.png
Location Peach's Castle
Level 27
HP 123 (185)
Power 112 (280)
Defense 146 (219)
Speed 112 (168)
Experience gained 170
Coins dropped 50 (75)
Item dropped Ultra Nut (5%)
Max Nut (25%)
  • Parentheses represent Japanese versions different from the American and European versions.
  • Gray statistics shows that they are found just in the game's coding and not available during normal gameplay.

Alarm Bob-ombs are a species of Bob-ombs whom appear in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. They resemble alarm clocks and are commonly associated with Naplocks during battle.


The Alarm Bob-omb has different appearances from normal Bob-ombs, they resemble an alarm clock, their nose resembles clown noses and a drill protruding from their heads.

In battle

The Alarm Bob-omb can be fought against Bowser or Mario and Luigi in this game.

When they are fighting Bowser they will run up and down the combat area ringing they're alarm in attempt to awake the Naplock. Fortunately, the Naplock will only awake when he is damaged. Eventually after so much ringing the Alarm B will charge into Bowser, exploding. You have a chance to punch the Bob-omb and hopefully defeat him before he either explodes or the Naplock shuts his alarm off.

Upon battling the Mario brothers, they basically fight the same way except without a Naplock to shut it off. Fighting them as Mario and Luigi are slightly easier because you have twice the chance to hit them.