Airship Fortress is the last track of the Star Cup in Mario Kart DS and as a Retro course in Mario Kart 7, it is the third track of the lightning cup.


Mario Kart DS

MKDS Airship Fortress Map

A map of Airship Fortress.

This is the only track in Mario Kart DS that features Bullet Bills as Hazards. These Bullet Bills are fired toward the racers, and upon impact, makes the character flip over and drop their item. The course only features one dash panel. Some wooden boxes can be hit and drop a Mushroom or a Banana, similar to those of Delfino Square. The crates cannot be destroyed on Time Trials or online races.

There are also Rocky Wrenches that pop up, and some flames to also serve as obstacles. There is also a cannon which launches the racers in a spiral tower. At the end, there is one side where it is open, and racers can be knocked off the edge and fall back a few places. This course belongs to Bowser.

This track is inspired by the Airship levels from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Missions 6-2 and 7-7 take place in this course.

Mario Kart 7

This track appears as a retro track in Mario Kart 7, where it is the third course of the Lightning Cup. Although there are hardly any major differences apart from the 3DS graphic enhancement, it appears that the Airship cannons now fire Banzai Bills instead of Bullet Bills. Also, at the bottom of the track, it is now a reddish-orange color, possibly lava. In addition, the cannon which launches the racers is now a glider segment. There is also a glitch that only appeared in Mario Kart 7 is at the part where in the circular tower if the player drives backwards after the player was shot in the tower, the beginning of the track will not be seen. The sky is slightly a different color.


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