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"Bowser's ship is ready to attack on this sky board!!"
― In-game description

Airship Central is the fourth board in Story Mode of Mario Party 10.


Players begin on a cloud that takes them to some airships. The airships on the first half of the board alternate between ships featuring Mini Stars and Mini Ztars every turn. Players will come across the fortress after traversing the various airships and clouds.

Upon passing the miniboss tower, players will enter a storm cloud, where Bowser’s airship will attack them, using Bullet Bills. Getting hit by the Bullet Bills will deduct half of a player’s Mini Stars. Upon exiting the storm cloud, players will then be placed onto a ring featuring many spaces that fire cannonballs at Bowser’s airship. There are also some Unlucky Spaces, which if landed on, will take away half of a player’s Mini Stars. The player who lands the final attack on Bowser’s airship will be rewarded with ten Mini Stars. The remainder of the board continues along a cloudy path, heading away from the ring.

Boss battles

Mega Monty Mole

The first boss battle within this board is against Mega Monty Mole, and is done in the form of a minigame called Mega Monty Mole's Maze Mischief. The players will be situated on an airship, with Mega Monty Mole hovering in front of them inside a hot air balloon. Following this, the players must enter into a Warp Pipe to reach another section of the airship. At this point, the boss will toss a bomb, causing the layout of the maze to alter. The player must traverse the maze and be the first to reach the airship, in order to be able to take control of the cannon, which can cause large amounts of damage to the boss. Players who follow will have to use less effective cannons. Midway through the boss fight, Mega Monty Mole will alter the maze layout, and it will feature bombs, which must be avoided if any players don't want to lose a point.


The boss battle with Kamek is in a minigame called Kamek's Rocket Rampage. Players will be situated in small planes. The objective is for players to pop the bubbles that hold missiles that will cause damage to Kamek and reward players with points. Blue missiles are worth two points while gold missiles are worth five points. During the battle, Kamek will summon Bullet Bills, which will deduct one point if they hit the player. After Kamek is enraged, Kamek will call in Banzai Bills, which can damage players who lose three points. This will also mark the appearance of Amps, which can damage players by two points.


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