Air to a Fortune is a Free-for-All minigame in Super Mario Party. Its name is a pun of "heir to a fortune".


The coins appear on the cloud and the camera zooms out before the game starts.


In this minigame, players can get coins in five rounds. After each round, there are more coins. The player chooses any cloud by pressing any button on the Joy-Con. After every player chose their cloud or time passed, The player earns coins if nobody else chooses the same cloud, unless they earn no coins when players chose the same cloud. The players chants if they get the coins, the players sulk for not getting coins. The players then return to their spots.


Players with coins celebrates and the players sulk when they with no coins.


  • NS JC Top Button / NS JC Bottom Button / NS JC Left Button / NS JC Right Button – Choose cloud

In-game description

  • "Take the most coins!"
  • "If two players jump to the same cloud, neither gets any coins!"


The name of this minigame is a pun on the term "Heir to a fortune" (someone who inherits their family's money).

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