An AirMeow (フライニャン FlyMeow?) is a cat robot enemy that appeared in Super Paper Mario. Francis created the AirMeow to guard Fort Francis.


An AirMeow is a robot created by Francis. It resembles a cat that has wings.

In gameplay, the AirMeow is found at Fort Francis. It patrols in the skies. The AirMeow attacks the player when it sees him/her. The AirMeow will dive towards the player. However, the player can stomp the AirMeow. Additionally, Pixls can defeat the enemy.[note 1]

Catch Card

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The player can summon the Catch Card/SP to defeat the AirMeow; the AirMeow becomes a Caught Card. Additoinally, t player can buy the AirMeow's Catch Card in the card shop.


AirMeow derives from air and meow. Air is an invisible mixture of gases around the person that he/she needs to breathe. Meow is also known as miaow. Miaow is the characteristic crying sound of a cat. Its Japanese name, Furainyan translates to FlyMeow. FlyMeow derives from fly and meow. Fly means to travel through the air. This means AirMeows travel through air, they also have the cat's characteristic crying sound.


Francis created cat robots to guard Fort Francis; Francis created the AirMeow. The AirMeow patrols the skies and attacks intruders.

Game data

AirMeow (Catch Card 127) HP 5 ATK 2
DEF 1[note 2] SCORE 300
Item drop
Fort Francis (3-4)
That's an AirMeow. These security bots patrol the skies around Fort Francis… Max HP is 5. Attack is 2. Defense is 1. Defense against fire is 2. They will attack any invader they see… I think Francis bought these robots on the Internet and customized them himself…

AirMeow (Catch Card 127)
Name AirMeow
Number 127
Sell Price 15
Acquisition Card shop; Catch Card/SP
Max HP: 5, Attack: 2, Defense: 1. This AirMeow guards the skies over Fort Francis. It runs on a volatile mixture of catnip and cooking oil.


  1. One of the AirMeows are mandatory to press the blue ! Switch. Thoreau must be present for the player to pick up the AirMeow.
  2. Its defense is 2 when it touches fire.

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