Aeros are enemies that appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Even given that they are enemies, they cannot be engaged in a battle.


Aeros are first seen raining down in Rose Town just as soon Mario and Mallow enter. A Toad reveals that the Aeros have landed on the other citizens and caused paralyzing meaning they're unable to move. Mario and Mallow decide to head into the Forest Maze to find the source of the Aeros. Eventually, they find the source of the Aeros coming from Bowyer who is a member of the Smithy Gang. Geno has also recently appeared and demands Bowyer to hand over the Star Piece. Mario and Mallow soon assist Geno in fighting Bowyer. After Bowyer is defeated and Geno tells Mario and Mallow the importance of the Star Pieces, a lone Aero heads back to Smithy to tell him about the Star Pieces.


  • If an Aero hits Mario, he will only be temporary paralyzed.