Action Time is an event in Mario Party 3. It is usually activated if you land on a Happening Space. In Action Time, the player will have to do something, or they'll will get sort of a penalty. The Action Time events are only present on Party Mode boards.

List of Action Time Events

Chilly Waters

The only Action Time event involves jumping over a snowball thrown by the giant Mr. Blizzard. If the player doesn't jump over the snowball, then they are forced to run away from it to a different part of a board. This event can also affect multiple players if they are in range as well. This action event can be triggered by landing on a Happening Space or by paying the Mr. Blizzard 5 coins.

Deep Blooper Sea

The Action Time event here involves the player trying to avoid being sucked in by the large fish. The player(s) must press A fast or be sucked in and blown into an area on the board. The fish can blow the player either downward close to the Sushi missile, back to Start, or close to Boo.

Spiny Desert

The Action Time event involves the player trying to jump over a couple of cactuses. There are two different types: one that looks male and one that looks female. If the player runs into the male one, then they are sent to the area close to Boo. If the player runs into the female one, then they are sent over to where the Koopa Bank is. If the player jumps over both cactuses, then they will end up back in the split path.

Woody Woods

The Action Time event of this boards involves picking fruit from either Woody or Mean Woody. For Woody's event, the player has a choice to pick either the fruit that gives them 5 coins or the fruit that lets them roll again. Mean Woody's event is the exact opposite where the player could lost 5 coins or go in the reverse direction.

Creepy Cavern

The Action Time event of this board mainly involves the player trying to hitch a ride on Thwomp's mine cart. After paying him 5 coins, the player must time his/her jump carefully to get onto the mine cart and take a ride to the other side of the board. If the player misses the jump, they will lose in on their ride and wasted 5 coins. Also, any other players that are in the path of the mine cart will run away to the other side as well.

Waluigi's Island

The main Action Time event of this board involves the giant path chooser in the middle. The player must jump in the direction the arrow takes them. That player must make his/her mind quickly as they will miss out on their jump and force to work around Waluigi's Dynamite Island once more.

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