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Acornucopia is a default Free-for-All minigame. The minigame with Corkscrew Climb and Piece of Cake are the only Free-for-All minigames to be unlocked when starting a new saving file.


The camera pans the players who are holding the five acorns on the plate above their heads from the right to the bird-eye view above the players.


The objective is to carry the most acorns. All players can bump to each other. If the player hits a Goombrat, they drop an acorn. If one of the players drop all of their acorns, they cannot progress the game.

The players start on the plains, crosses over the bridge and finishes the game.


  • Circle Pad - Move

In-game description

"Dodge the Goombrats!"


  • The name is a pun of "Cornucopia," a Thanksgiving symbol.
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