"Are you tired now, little rodent?"
― Ackpow, Super Paper Mario

Ackpows are a species that appear in Super Paper Mario. They are sphinx-hat wearing servants that work for Mimi.


They appear inside Merlee's Mansion in Chapter 2-3. They are responsible for making sure all of the other servants are working and paying them Rubees once they finish. Also, if Peach flies towards the door above the level start, a Question Block containing a Mushroom will be found, with an Ackpow watching it. Whenever Mario or Peach strike the Question Block, they have to pay ten Rubees to the Ackpow. According to Tippi, they act as though they are important, but they are actually in debt to Mimi just like the rest of the servants.


  • Their system of work is similar to what the Egyptians used, hence their appearance.
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