Aces High is a 4-player mini-game appearing in the game Mario Party 3.


This mini-game takes place in the skies with a rainbow and clouds in the background of the area.


The objective of the mini-game is for players to shoot one another in a dogfight when shooting Bullet Bills at one another. Each player has two hearts. Once both hearts are lost, that player in specific loses the minigame. When a player is holding a Bullet Bill which starts to flash, it can target any player in the area. However, a flaw to this happens; the player is unable to fire another Bullet Bill until the homing one attacks a player or disappears. Whoever stands the longest or has the most amount of health when the time runs out wins the minigame. It is a draw if two or more have the same amount of health when the timer runs out.


  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Accelerate
  • B Button - Break
  • Z Button - Fire a missile
  • Z Button, then release - Fire a Bullet Bill