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[[Category:Super Mario Party Minigames]]
[[Category:Super Mario Party Minigames]]
[[Category:Free-for-All minigames]]
[[Category:Free-for-All minigames]]

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Absent Minded is an unlockable Free-for-All minigame in Super Mario Party. The minigame is hosted by Toadette.


Players are having a conversation during the autumn setting. A player tells them a joke and the other players laugh about it. Toadette got their attention on the minigame and the minigame starts.


The player must find the character that is not displayed on the screen for each round. It may be blurred images, showing one character per frame, puzzling the characters' tiles. After every chooses the answer or time runs out, the correct answer will show. The player who chose the correct answer first earns five points, second earns three points, third earns two points and fourth earns one point.


The winner does his/her victory animation while other players sulk.


  • NS Stick – Move cursor
  • NS JC Right Button – Select

In-game description

  • "Figure out which character isn't there!"
  • "Some characters have similar shapes and colors. Don't be fooled!"
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