Abandon Ship is a mini-game that appears in Mario Party 2.


The characters are aboard a ship that suddenly hits a giant rock. They must climb up a large wooden pole in order to escape the sinking ship. While climbing up the pole, they must try and avoid the wooden pegs. The player must press the A button rapidly to make their character climb up the pole. They must also use the control stick to control the direction their character moves while climbing the pole. If a character gets stuck under one of the pegs, then they will lose time. Along the way, they will be able to collect extra coins that will be added to their total at the end of the mini-game. If a character gets caught in the water, then they will be eliminated from the mini-game and be dragged off by a Blooper. The character that reaches the top of the pole will win the mini-game. However, it is possible for all the characters to drown in the water before reaching the top, resulting in a Draw.


  • Control Stick Control Stick leftControl Stick right - Move
  • A Button (repeatedly) - Climb

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