A Beam in the Dark is the sixth level of World Bowser in Super Mario 3D World. It is a Ghost House level. It has a similar name to A Light in the Dark.


The level mainly consists of riding on moving platforms while avoiding Peepas. Using a light is helpful as shining it on the Peepas and Boos makes them disappear.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: Once the player jumps off the platform, look into the mirror. The star is just located directly behind the player. Walk backwards to get it.
  • Green Star 2: Once the elevator reaches the top, it will start to move quickly. On both sides, there are Bowser statues. On the left, wait until it passes four of these, then jump to the mystery box. Defeat all of the Boos in ten seconds to win the star.
  • Green Star 3: On the final elevator ride (the broken one), the star will be right in front of the player, but a Big Boo will appear in front of it. Get behind the Big Boo to reach the star.


A Beam in the Dark Stamp.png

As Luigi, take the first platform for a while until you reach a button. Jumping on that button will unlock the stamp.