50m is the second level in the video game Donkey Kong.


50m is a large stage with many ladders leading up. It is also the only level to contain moving platforms and moving ladders. The color scheme is mostly orange and white.


The harzards seen in this level include:

  • Sand Piles: The main enemies in this level. The sand piles are more of an obstacle rather than a true enemy like the barrels from 25m. They come from the sides of the screen with the help of the moving platforms. The sand piles that are in the very center always go into the oil can create fireballs. Much like with the barrels, the player can defeat sand piles via smashing them with the hammer.
  • Fireballs: Another common enemy in this level. They appear after the piles in the center of the level are dumped into the oil can. The fireballs definitely pose a much bigger of a threat in this level rather from the first. Using the hammer is the most effective way of taking them out.
  • Donkey Kong: The main antagonist. Donkey Kong, unlike all other levels, poses the biggest threat in this level. He, like the Sand Piles, move along the conveyor belts giving Mario little options on which ladder to go up. Donkey Kong can easily box in Mario if he is being chased by a Fireball.


  • On certain remakes of Donkey Kong, 50m is actually skipped after the player completes 25m. They, instead, jump to 75m.