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+ Clocks (also referred to as Plus Clocks) are items that appear in the Mario games.. The main function of the + Clocks is to add more time to the current time. There are two types of + Clocks: the blue ones and the green ones. The blue ones always add 10 seconds to the time while the green ones add 100 seconds. These items first appeared in Super Mario Bros. Special.


Super Mario Galaxy 2

+ Clocks are seen in this game where they only appear in Speedy Comet events. Mario may grab them to increase the time limit.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

The + Clocks only appear in this New Super Mario Bros. game. Unlike the other games, the green + Clocks restore only 50 seconds of time instead of 100.

Super Mario 3D Land

+ Clocks are very common in this game. The blue + Clocks can be found on certain levels (mainly the 100 second time limit levels) while the green ones are found usually after the end of every boss fight.

Super Mario 3D World

The function of the + Clocks are the same as in the previous game.