The "That's My Merlee!" Show is a quiz game hosted by The InterNed, which appears in Super Paper Mario. The InterNed calls it the 66th Annual "That's My Merlee!" Show, referencing from the start of Paper Mario.


After Mimi turned into the form with the same shape and voice of Merlee, Merlee and Mimi argue who is the real Merlee. Then they decide to start the show. The player must ask both Merlees five questions, however, it makes no difference between the two. After choosing the character, Mimi returns back to her default form and turns into a spider to battle Mario or Peach. If the player chooses the real Merlee, Merlee will be proud that Mario can identify her "obviously" and that nobody can copy her. Mimi will be furious that she mimicked her perfectly and say she will congratulate him/her. If the player chooses

Questions and answers

Questions Merlee's answers Mimi's answers
When is your birthday? What day did I arrive? Oh yes, March, day 25! I bloomed in May, the 5th was the day!
What's the best food? Strawberries! Ooh, yummies! Tangerines! That's my scene!
What guy's your type? Hee hee...I love them all, see... Nope! No type for me! Oh, how can I share when... ...the guy's right there.
What's the best animal? A little bear cubbie, just as cute as can be! An adorable little demon, all sweatin' and steamin'!
What's the best smell? Fresh air, I swear! Old cheese, yes, please!
What are you into? Catalogues for crystal balls, that's where my interest falls. I like watching rerun shows of "Super Ultra Goomba Bros.!"
What do you want most? Crystal ball. The newest kind! Nice ones are hard to find! I want a boyfriend please! I'd love a guy to squeeze!
What's your nickname? It is not a name to boast, but I was the "Bashful Ghost." Not to go and make a fuss, but I was the "Odd Porpoise."
What do you wash first? Not that you should care, but I wash my bangs of hair. I start with the tile mold, then the faucets, hot and cold...
What's your best feature? The lobes of my perfect ears. They got voted by my peers to be "Lobes of the Year." Well, that would have to be my effervescent personality. People seem to love it, see.

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