Tall, Tall Mountain is the twelfth level in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The painting to the course is located in the foyer of the castle's second floor opposite the painting to Wet Dry World. It is the smallest painting that leads into a course. It features a high mountain with all kinds of obstacles on the way to the top. The hat stealing monkey Ukiki is featured here as well as the blowing cloud enemy named Fwoosh. The dangerous aspect of the level is that almost the entire path around the mountain is thin and near a cliff face. Like its painting, also located on the second story of the castle, Tall, Tall Mountain is surrounded by giant mushrooms, one of which has a Power Star. The top of the mountain has a flat surface and railing, and is next to a waterfall that leads to the start of the level. This is the only one of the main courses in the DS version that has neither a Switch Star nor a Silver Star.

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