Super Mario World 2 - North American Boxart

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Мир Супер Марио 2: Остров Йоши) — видеоигра, выпущенная компанией Нинтендо для приставки SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).

В отличие от других игр серии, здесь главным героем является динозаврик Йоши, а не Марио.


Действие игры происходит задолго до остальных игр. Когда маленького (но уже в кепке) Марио нёс аист, на него напали Камек  — прислужник Боузера. Аист выронил Марио, и тот упал на остров Йоши. Населяющие остров Йоши спасли Марио и отправились вернуть его родителям. 

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Мир 1[edit]Править

[1] Делай Яйца, Швыряй Яйца

  1. Watch Out Below!
  2. The Cave of Chomp Rock
  3. Burt the Bashful's Fort
  4. Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts
  5. Shy Guys on Stilts
  6. Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy
  7. Salvo the Slime's Castle

World 2[edit]Править


World 2 is a forested mountainous region in the uplands. It boasts more complex levels and more enemies.

  1. Visit Koopa and Para-Koopa
  2. The Baseball Boys
  3. What's Gusty Taste Like?
  4. The Bigger Boo's Fort
  5. Watch Out for Lakitu
  6. The Cave of the Mystery Maze
  7. Lakitu's Wall
  8. The Potted Ghost's Castle

World 3[edit]Править


World 3 is located in a steamy jungle, and contains a lot of water sections.

  1. Welcome to Monkey World!
  2. Jungle Rhythm...
  3. Nep-Enut's Domain
  4. Prince Froggy's Fort
  5. Jammin' Through the Trees
  6. The Cave of Harry Hedgehog
  7. Monkeys' Favorite Lake
  8. Naval Piranha's Castle

World 4[edit]Править


World 4 takes place in a sunset landscape.

  1. GO! GO! MARIO!!
  2. The Cave of the Lakitus
  3. Don't Look Back!
  4. Marching Milde's Fort
  5. Chomp Rock Zone
  6. Lake Shore Paradise
  7. Ride Like the Wind
  8. Hookbill the Koopa's Castle

World 5[edit]Править


World 5 takes place on an icy mountain. The first three stages take place on the mountain, while the other five stages are in the sky.

  1. BLIZZARD!!!
  2. Ride the Ski Lifts
  3. Danger - Icy Conditions Ahead
  4. Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort
  5. Goonie Rides!
  6. Welcome to Cloud World
  7. Shifting Platforms Ahead
  8. Raphael the Raven's Castle

World 6[edit]Править

[6]A map of World 6. Click on a level icon to open that relevant article.

The last world is located on Bowser's Kingdom. It has lots of barren landscape and caverns, as well as lava, spikes, and many obstacles.

  1. Scary Skeleton Goonies!
  2. The Cave of the Bandits
  3. Beware the Spinning Logs
  4. Tap-Tap the Red Nose's Fort
  5. The Very Loooooong Cave
  6. The Deep, Underground Maze
  7. KEEP MOVING!!!!
  8. King Bowser's Castle