Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super smash bros brawl
Super Smash Bros. Brawl kansikuva
Kehittäjä(t) Sora Ltd.
Julkaisija(t) Nintendo
Suunnittelija(t) Masahiro Sakurai
Laji(t) Tappelupeli
Pelialusta(t) Nintendo Wii

Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Masahiro Sakurain suunnittelema taistelupeli Wiille. Tämä peli julkaistiin ensimmäistä kertaa Japanissa 31. tammikuuta 2008. Pelin edeltäjät ovat Super Smash Bros. ja Super Smash Bros. Melee. Pelissä ei hyödynnetä Wii Remoten liikutusta.


Peliä pelataan niin, että ohjaustavat ovat Wii Remote sivuttain pideltynä, Wii Remote ja Nunchuk-ohjain, Classic ohjain tai Nintendo GameCube-ohjain. Pelissä pelaaja voi mm. lyödä, liikkua, tehdä erikoisliikkeitä, tehdä nälväisyjä ja kyyristyä. Pelin uusi liike on Final Smash-liike, jonka pääsee tekemään silloin, kun on tuhonnut Lyöntipallon.

Erikoisliikkeitä on neljä: Peruserikoinen, sivuerikoinen, yläerikoinen ja alaerikoinen. Jos lentää ulos areenalta, silloin kannataa tehdä yläerikoinen ilmahypyn lisäksi, sillä kentälle pääsee silloin helpommin.

Nälväisyt ovat liikkeitä, jossa hahmot "tekevät" jotain. Nälväisyjä on: perusnälväisy, Sivunälväisy ja Alanälväisy. Näitä liikkeitä tietokone-pelaajat tekevät silloin, kun joku vastustaja kuolee.


Tavara Kuvaus
50px Assist Trophy 20px Comparable to a Poké Ball, this summons a random character to help the character who used it. See the Assist Trophy page for a list of Assist characters.
50px Banana Peel 20px Can be dropped on the stage. Other characters will trip over it and fall.
BrawlBarrels Barrel 20px These bear a resemblance to crates but can tip over and roll. If hit by a rolling one, the player will receive damage.
50px Beam Sword 20px An item to be held, allowing the user to perform long-distance sideways attacks with the Sword. The more a Smash Attack is charged, the longer the beam of the sword extends.
50px Bob-omb Mario Bros. Emblem A simple and powerful bomb. If it is left untouched for a little while, it will get up and walk around on its own. If one is thrown directly at an opponent, it explodes and causes a huge amount of knockback. Once enough time has passed in Sudden Death, Bob-ombs start to fall from the sky in droves.
50px Bumper 20px When thrown, it lies on the ground or floats in the air and hits back all characters touching it. Relatively powerful, and players can be K.O.'d.
50px Bunny Hood Legend of Zelda Emblem The Bunny Hood provides a substantial boost to the user's running speed and jumping height.
50px Capsule 20px Break open these little capsules to find items. They are also effective as a throwing item. Capsules will explode on occasion.
50px CD 20px CDs add a single, random song to the player's collection when picked up. CDs will stop appearing once the player has unlocked every song in the game.
50px Cracker Launcher 20px Shoots out fireworks. Players can adjust the aim.
50px Crate and Sliding Box 20px Attack or throw a crate to break it open and gain access to the items inside. There are three designs for crates. Additionally, some crates have dollies underneath them. Attacking these crates sends them rolling away.
50px Deku Nut Legend of Zelda Emblem Throwing one of these near an enemy with creates a flash that stuns foes temporarily. When the Deku Nut makes contact with an opponent in midair, it can send them quite a distance.
50px Dragoon Kirby Emblem When a player manages to collect all three parts of it, he or she can ram into the stage, knocking out all players within the crosshair.
50px Blast Box 20px If hit with a strong attack or fire-based attack, the Blast Box will explode, causing anything in the area to be blown away.
50px Fan 20px This item doesn’t pack much of a punch but is easy to score rapid multiple combos; it can also be used to break shields. The Fan has deceptive strength when thrown straight up in the air in modes like Multi-Man Brawl.
50px Fire Flower Mario Bros. Emblem The Fire Flower is a shooting item that spouts a torrent of fire over a short distance, eventually running out of flames.
50px Food 20px Food items restore the consumer's damage. There are essentially 28 different types of food. Each item restores a different amount of health.
50px Franklin Badge Earthbound Emblem Deflects any energy-based projectile back at the opponent with double power.
50px Freezie Mario Bros. Emblem This icy item slides slowly along the ground. Throwing it at the enemy makes them freeze them in a block of ice, trapping them.
50px Golden Hammer Mario Bros. Emblem Acts like the Hammer, only is much stronger, and allows the player to float in mid-air, if the button is tapped rapidly. Sometimes, the Golden Hammer will be nothing but a Golden Squeaky Hammer, which cannot damage opponents. The Golden Squeaky Hammer is similar to the Hammer losing its head.
50px Gooey Bomb 20px Can be attached to the ground or a character and explodes after a few seconds.
50px Green Shell Mario Bros. Emblem Throw, hit, or jump on this shell to send it sliding along the ground. Green Shells can suddenly reverse the direction they are traveling if they bump into a wall or are hit by an attack, so keep an eye out for returning shells.
50px Hammer Donkey Kong Emblem Seizing this item makes the user unleash a barrage of hammer swings on a opponent. The attack itself is quite powerful but the user will lose the ability to perform midair jumps and special moves while attacking with it. Sometimes the head of the hammer will fall right off.
50px Heart Container Legend of Zelda Emblem Picking up one of these reduce the damage by 100 percentage points. Heart Containers float slowly to the ground once they appear.
50px Home-Run Bat Earthbound Emblem Performing a Side Smash while holding this item to make a home-run-sized swing at the opponent that sends him or her soaring. It’s strong when thrown too.
50px Hothead Mario Bros. Emblem Hotheads slide across the ground releasing bursts of sparks and damaging the user opponents. When they are hit with fire or electricity-based attacks, they grow even bigger.
50px Key 20px This item will open locked doors the players encounter within The Subspace Emissary. If the player loses a key he or she is were holding on the way to the door, the player must return to where it was originally found.
50px Lip's Stick 20px Hitting an enemy with this or throwing it caused a flower to bloom on the opponent’s head. While the flower is on his or her head, the opponent will slowly accumulate damage. The more the user beats the foe with Lip’s Stick, the bigger the flower on his or her head will grow. The flower can be removed from the player's head by shaking the control stick back and forth.
50px Lightning Mario Bros. Emblem Touching one of these makes all of the user's opponents shrink. The effect is more dramatic and dangerous than the one brought on by a Poison Mushroom. Sometimes the Lightning will backfire and only the user will shrink.
50px Maxim Tomato Kirby Emblem These tomatoes are emblazoned with a striking letter "M." Eating one of these reduces the consumer's damage by 50 percentage points.
50px Metal Box Mario Bros. Emblem Turns the user into metal form, giving complete resistance to flinching from lighter attacks. The user falls faster after jumping.
50px Motion-Sensor Bomb 20px Set one of these on a floor or wall, and it will react to the next moving object in its proximity by detonating. They are small and inconspicuous, so they can catch opponents by surprise.
50px Mr. Saturn Earthbound Emblem A relatively weak item that can be thrown at opponents multiple times.
50px Orange Cube 20px This item gives valuable items and will not reappear once the player gets them. It also helps by increasing the clear percentage. They only appear in The Subspace Emissary.
50px Party Ball 20px When hit, Party Balls float up into the air and split open, raining down a torrent of items. These items are known to drop nothing but Bob-ombs on occasion.
50px Pellet Pikmin Emblem A throwing item found only on the Distant Planet stage. Throwing one at an "Onion" will release some items.
50px Pitfall 20px Can be set on the ground. Other characters fall straight into a pit when walking over it, or if hit directly with it.
50px Poison Mushroom Mario Bros. Emblem Touching one makes the consumer shrink in size; the user's blows will do less damage, and the user flies further when hit.
SSBBPokeball Poké Ball Pokémon Emblem Throw a Poké Ball to summon a randomly selected Pokémon that will assist the user.
50px Ray Gun 20px The Ray Gun is a beam gun that lets the user fire fast-moving blasts. It comes loaded with 16 shots. When the user has exhausted the ammo, it can still be useful since the user can throw the gun at the opponent to score a Smash attack.
50px Sandbag 20px Beating Sandbag up make it drop items and food. As Sandbag accumulates damage, it gradually becomes easier to hit far distances. Of course, beat Sandbag too much and its pool of items will run dry.
50px Screw Attack Metroid Emblem While wearing it, the Screw Attack ability is added to the user's standard and midair jumps. The user is still able to attack as normal when capable of using the Screw Attack.
50px Smash Ball 20px Attacking one of these until it breaks gives the ability to use a Final Smash.
50px Smoke Ball 20px Emits a large cloud of colorful smoke. Doesn't do any damage, but sticks to anyone it hits.
50px Smart Bomb Star Fox Emblem A bomb that explodes with a large blast radius when thrown, destroying anything in its reach. May occasionally fail.
50px Soccer Ball Mario Bros. Emblem No one can pick up this item, but when a player hits the ball with a strong attack, it bursts into flames and flies off into the air, depending on how strong the attack is. The angle of the attack determines the direction the Soccer Ball will fly off in.
50px Spring Donkey Kong Emblem Hoping on a Spring makes the user perform an extra high jump. Every so often a Spring will topple over sideways. When it does so, anyone who makes contact with the fallen Spring will be knocked sideways.
50px Stock Ball 20px In The Subspace Emissary, Stock Balls increase the number of lives the player have left.
50px Super Mushroom Mario Bros. Emblem Touch one of these to grow huge. In this enhanced form, the user won’t fly as far when hit and is capable of dealing harder-hitting blows than usual. However, they become easier to strike.
50px Super Scope 20px This beam gun lets the user choose between attacking with rapid-fire or charged shots. The Super Scope holds enough energy for 48 rapid-fire shots, or about three fully charged blasts.
50px Superspicy Curry Kirby Emblem Eat one of these and the player starts spewing flames from his or her mouth. The user can, however, continue to attack as normal. This item also has the side effect of making the user run, even if they try to walk.
50px Starman Mario Bros. Emblem Just touching one of these gives the user temporary invincibility. The effect lasts 10 seconds.
50px Star Rod Kirby Emblem Perform a strong side attack or side Smash attack while holding the Star Rod to swing the rod and simultaneously fire off a star-shaped projectile. When the user throw a Star Rod at the opponent, it sends them rocketing off sideways.
50px Team Healer 20px Only usable in Team battles, can recover a teammate's health if tossed at them. If thrown at opponents, it may hurt or heal them.
50px Timer 20px Picking up this item slows down the flow of time for all other players. Occasionally the Timer will have a different effect and only slow the user down, or it may slow down everyone.
50px Trophy Stand 20px This item turns enemies into trophies in The Subspace Emissary. Stronger enemies must be sufficiently weakened to be successfully turned into a trophy.
![[]] Bike Pieces Wario Emblem If the Wario Bike is dismantled, the pieces can be thrown at others.
50px Unira 20px Throwing a Unira into the ground or attacking it causes its spikes to extend, damaging opponents who bump into it. Attacking the Unira again make its spikes retract.
50px Vegetables Ice Climber Emblem Heals the player. Appears only on the Summit stage.
50px Warp Star Kirby Emblem The user takes a ride on a Warp Star to launch a vicious attack from above on the opponent. It can be controlled where the Warp Star falls by using the Control Stick.

Pelattavat hahmot

Pelissä on yhteensä 35 pelattavaa hahmoa: 21 valmista ja 15 avattavaa:

Kuva Nimi Tietoa Erikoisliikkeet
BrawlMario Mario Mario Bros. Emblem Mario is overall average, including weight and speed; he is one of the most balanced characters, and is a standard for the tutorial video. Standard Fireball
Side Cape
Up Super Jump Punch
Down F.L.U.D.D.
Final Smash Mario Finale
571px-Brawlink Link Legend of Zelda Emblem Link reappears as one of the heavier fighters with a slow movement, but he still has strong attack strength, good range, and a large arsenal of projectiles. His shield isn't just for looks; it can deflect and even destroy certain types of projectiles. While his third jump is not the best, Link can use his hookshot as a tether recovery. Standard Hero's Bow
Side Gale Boomerang
Up Spin Attack
Down Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash
Brawlrkirby Kirby Kirby Emblem Kirby is back as a light-weight. He has retained his copy-cat style, and his multiple jumping. He has quick, weak attacks and powerful, slow attacks. Standard Inhale
Side Hammer
Up Final Cutter
Down Stone
Final Smash Cook Kirby
Brawlpikachu Pikachu Pokémon Emblem Pikachu is a lightweight character, and has very good speed and electrical attacks. Standard Thunder Jolt
Side Skull Bash
Up Quick Attack
Down Thunder
Final Smash Volt Tackle
Foxsmnas Fox Star Fox Emblem Fox is quite fast, in both movement and attack speed. He can use his Blaster to do damage to enemies without making them flinch. He also is a light weight. Standard Blaster
Side Fox Illusion
Up Fire Fox
Down Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster
Brawlrsamus Samus Metroid Emblem Samus has a relatively slow pace, but she is also very floaty. She has great projectiles and heavy weight, but her killing power is low. After using her Zero Laser, she becomes Zero Suit Samus. Standard Charge Shot
Side Missile
Up Screw Attack
Down Bomb
Final Smash Zero Laser
Brawl ZeroSuitSamus Zero Suit Samus Metroid Emblem Zero Suit Samus enters battle after Samus uses her Zero Laser. She is lighter and faster than with her Power Suit, but has weaker attacks. She uses a light, compact laser that can be used in a variety of ways. Her Final Smash transforms her back into Samus. Standard Paralyzer
Side Plasma Whip
Up Plasma Wire
Down Flip Jump
Final Smash Power Suit Samus
BrawlZelda Zelda Legend of Zelda Emblem Light-weight yet slow, Zelda uses magical attacks that are hard to control, but do much damage when used successfully. Standard Nayru's Love
Side Din's Fire
Up Farore's Wind
Down Transform
Final Smash Light Arrow
BrawlSheik Sheik Legend of Zelda Emblem Sheik returns as Zelda's transformation after she uses Transform. Contrary to her counterpart Zelda, Sheik specializes in swift movement, not power. Standard Needle Storm
Side Chain
Up Vanish
Down Transform
Final Smash Light Arrow
BrawlBowser Bowser Mario Bros. Emblem Bowser is the heaviest and largest character. He also has very powerful, slow attacks. Standard Fire Breath
Side Flying Slam
Up Whirling Fortress
Down Bowser Bomb
Final Smash Giga Bowser Transformation
BrawlDK Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Emblem Much like Bowser, Donkey Kong is heavy and strong. He has a unique ability which allows him to capture characters with him for a short distance. He has powerful attacks and surprisingly good speed. Standard Giant Punch
Side Headbutt
Up Spinning Kong
Down Hand Slap
Final Smash Konga Beat
BrawlYoshi Yoshi Yoshi Emblem Yoshi is a fast, small heavyweight. On the downside, he has poor killing power with only average attack speed. Standard Egg Lay
Side Egg Roll
Up Egg Throw
Down Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash Super Dragon
BrawlPeach Peach Mario Bros. Emblem Peach returns with a new outfit design based on her more recent appearances. She has excellent aerial techniques, good horizontal recovery, and high priority attacks. However, she is light and somewhat weak. Standard Toad
Side Peach Bomber
Up Peach Parasol
Down Vegetable
Final Smash Peach Blossom
BrawlIceClimbers Ice Climbers Ice Climber Emblem The Ice Climbers, Popo and Nana, return from Super Smash Bros. Melee, with an updated appearance. Like always, the player controls either Nana or Popo, while a CPU controls the other. Standard Ice Shot
Side Squall Hammer
Up Belay
Down Blizzard
Final Smash Iceberg
Pitart Pit Kid Icarus Emblem Pit can multi-jump in the air. He uses a bow in battle, which he can break into two blades for brawl battles. He attacks with very fast slash moves in the air and on the ground. He is very weak. Standard Palutena Arrow
Side Angel Ring
Up Wings of Icarus
Down Mirror Shield
Final Smash Palutena's Army
BrawlWario Wario Wario Emblem Wario is a very strange character. He is a small heavyweight with great aerial game and recovery, but he has poor range and somewhat slow attacks. He also has his overalls as an alternate attire. Standard Chomp
Side Wario Bike
Up Corkscrew
Down Wario Waft
Final Smash Wario-Man
BrawlIke Ike Fire Emblem Emblem Ike uses his two-handed blade, Ragnell, in battle. He can wield this sword with only one hand, despite its weight. His attacks are some of the strongest and longest ranged in the game, but they are also very slow. Standard Eruption
Side Quick Draw
Up Aether
Down Counter
Final Smash Great Aether
BrawlPokemonTrainer Pokémon Trainer Pokémon Emblem The Pokémon Trainer uses Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard to fight for him, rather than actually fight by himself. He stands on a floating platform in the background on stages with little solid ground. While the Down move is shared, the other special moves are unique to each of the Pokémon, giving 11 different moves, including the Final Smash. Down Pokémon Change
Final Smash Triple Finish
Standard Water Gun
Side Withdraw
Up Waterfall
Standard Bullet Seed
Side Razor Leaf
Up Vine Whip
Standard Flamethrower
Side Rock Smash
Up Fly
BrawlDiddyKong Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Emblem Diddy Kong is fast, light, and abundant in unique attacks. Standard Peanut Popgun
Side Monkey Flip
Up Rocketbarrel Boost
Down Banana Peel
Final Smash Rocketbarrel Barrage
BrawlMetaKnight Meta Knight Kirby Emblem Meta Knight can multi-jump in the air and glide for a short time. He has a very fast combo attack. His standard attack (A button), can render foes helpless for a short while. Standard Mach Tornado
Side Drill Rush
Up Shuttle Loop
Down Dimensional Cape
Final Smash Galaxia Darkness
BrawlLucas Lucas Earthbound Emblem A PK user, Lucas has a Special Moveset similar to that of Ness, and a unique Normal Moveset. Standard PK Freeze
Side PK Fire
Up PK Thunder
Down PSI Magnet
Final Smash PK Starstorm
BrawlKingDedede King Dedede Kirby Emblem King Dedede is a heavy character, similar to powerhouses Bowser and Donkey Kong. He often uses his hammer in attacks, and rely on Waddle Dees to damage his opponents from afar. Although he can inhale his foes like Kirby, he does not get their abilities. Like most heavyweights, Dedede is very strong, very big, and very slow. Standard Inhale
Side Waddle Dee Toss
Up Super Dedede Jump
Down Jet Hammer
Final Smash Waddle Dee Army
BrawlOlimar Olimar Pikmin Emblem Captain Olimar of the Pikmin series enters with the handicap of being nearly helpless without the Pikmin. Pikmin must be plucked from the ground, using his standard special move, in order to attack with Olimar. Olimar can still attack without any Pikmin, though only with certain attacks. When he attacks with the Pikmin, they each have different effects:
  • Blue- stronger and doesn't die on water
  • Red- fire
  • Yellow- electricity
  • Purple- very, very strong
  • White- Poison
Standard Pikmin Pluck
Side Pikmin Throw
Up Pikmin Chain
Down Pikmin Order
Final Smash End of Day

Avattavat hahmot

Name Description Special Moves
BrawlNess Ness Earthbound Emblem Ness appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an unlockable character. His moveset is similar to Lucas, but differs slightly. Despite being slightly light, he has adequate strength. He is unlocked by:
  • Playing 5 VS. Matches
  • Reflecting 10 projectiles
  • Being met in the Subspace Emissary
Standard PK Flash
Side PK Fire
Up PK Thunder
Down PSI Magnet
Final Smash PK Starstorm
BrawlMarth Marth Fire Emblem Emblem Marth chooses speed over raw power, specializing in strategic offensive and defensive play. Like in Melee, his sword does more damage at the tip of the blade, but his grab range is much shorter. Marth is unlocked by:
  • Playing 10 VS. Matches
  • Completing Classic Mode
  • Being met in the Subspace Emissary
Standard Shield Breaker
Side Dancing Blade
Up Dolphin Slash
Down Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit
BrawlLuigi Luigi Mario Bros. Emblem Luigi returns with a somewhat similar moveset to Mario. Luigi can jump higher than Mario, and is slightly slower, but his attack strength is unusually high. Luigi is unlocked by:
  • Playing 22 VS. Matches
  • Completing Classic Mode with no continues
  • Meeting Luigi in the Subspace Emissary
Standard Fireball
Side Green Missile
Up Super Jump Punch
Down Luigi Cyclone
Final Smash Negative Zone
BrawlFalco Falco Star Fox Emblem Falco Lombardi returns in Super Smash Bros. Brawl with a similar move set of Fox, but several differences. He has the highest initial jump of any character, and is very good at aerial combat. However, he is very light. Falco is unlocked by:
  • Playing 50 VS. matches
  • Completing the 100-Man Brawl
  • Meeting Falco in the Subspace Emissary
Standard Blaster
Side Falco Phantasm
Up Fire Bird
Down Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster
BrawlCaptainFalcon Captain Falcon F-Zero Emblem Captain Falcon returns as the second fastest runner in the game (losing only to Sonic). His attacks are strong in terms of knockback and damage, but they are also slow and short-ranged. Captain Falcon is unlocked by:
  • Playing 70 VS. Matches
  • Beat Classic Mode in less than 12 minutes on Normal difficulty or higher
  • Meeting Captain Falcon in the Subspace Emissary
Standard Falcon Punch
Side Raptor Boost
Up Falcon Dive
Down Falcon Kick
Final Smash Blue Falcon
BrawlLucario Lucario Pokémon Emblem Unlike most Pokémon in the Smash Bros. series, Lucario is one of the few Pokémon characters to have an actual gender. Lucario has average speed, and has good range, but normally doesn't have much power. However, his power grows as he takes damage, maxing out at 182%. He uses his aura for most attacks. Lucario can be unlocked by:
  • Playing 100 Vs. matches
  • Beating all difficulty levels on Target Smash!! (1 or 2 player mode)
  • Meeting Lucario in the Subspace Emissary
Standard Aura Sphere
Side Force Palm
Up ExtremeSpeed
Down Double Team
Final Smash Aura Storm
BrawlROB R.O.B. ROB Emblem R.O.B. is a heavyweight, and despite being heavy, it is also rather weak. R.O.B. can be unlocked by:
  • Playing 160 Vs. matches
  • Collecting at least 250 trophies
  • Meeting R.O.B. in the Subspace Emissary
Standard Robo Beam
Side Arm Rotor
Up Robo Burner
Down Gyro
Final Smash Diffusion Beam
BrawlGanondorf Ganondorf Legend of Zelda Emblem Ganondorf returns with extremely powerful, yet extremely slow attacks (comparable to Ike). He is also very heavy and large. Unfortunately, his movement is very sluggish, making him slower than even Bowser. Ganondorf is unlocked by:
  • Beating Classic Mode with Link or Zelda on Hard difficulty or higher
  • Playing 200 matches
  • Getting him to join the party in the Subspace Emissary
Standard Warlock Punch
Side Flame Choke
Up Dark Dive
Down Wizard's Foot
Final Smash Beast Ganon
GameandWatch Mr. Game & Watch BrawlGandW Mr. Game & Watch appears in a completely 2-D physical appearance, with his moves being references to old Game & Watch titles. He has good offense due his fast, powerful attacks, but poor defense due his light weight. Mr. Game & Watch is unlocked by:
  • Playing 250 VS. Matches
  • Clearing Target Smash with 30 characters on any difficulty level
  • Meet Mr. Game & Watch in the Subspace Emissary
Standard Chef
Side Judge
Up Fire
Down Oil Panic
Final Smash Octopus
BrawlJigglypuff Jigglypuff Pokémon Emblem Jigglypuff is a character of extremes. It has the slowest falling speed, the second-fastest air speed, the slowest dash speed, and the lightest weight. It also, despite being light, has quite good strength. To unlock Jigglypuff:
  • Beat 20 or more events after completing the Subspace Emissary
  • Play 350 VS. matches
  • (Subspace Emissary) Go to The Swamp level in the first area after the Giant Diddy Kong Battle and enter the new door that appears after the player beats the Subspace Emissary
Standard Rollout
Side Pound
Up Sing
Down Rest
Final Smash Puff Up
BrawlToonLink Toon Link Legend of Zelda Emblem Toon Link is almost exactly like Link, but quicker, floatier, and more cel-shaded. Toon Link can be unlocked by:
  • (Subspace Emissary) Going to The Forest level in the first door in the air after the player beats the Subspace Emissary
  • After clearing the Subspace Emissary, clear Classic mode with any character
  • Playing 400 VS. matches
Standard Hero's Bow
Side Boomerang
Up Spin Attack
Down Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash
BrawlWolf Wolf Star Fox Emblem Wolf O'Donnell is on the heavier side, and his speed is at an average level. His attack power is also pretty decent. However, Wolf's recovery moves are unsafe, due to their poor accuracy. To unlock Wolf:
  • (Subspace Emissary) In the stage The Ruins, players must skip the first door they pass when being lowered into the pit and enter the second door at the bottom after beating the Subspace Emissary
  • Play 450 VS matches
  • With Boss Battles unlocked, finish Boss Battles as Fox or Falco
Standard Blaster
Side Wolf Flash
Up Fire Wolf
Down Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster
BrawlSnake Snake Metal Gear Emblem Snake uses a variety of explosives and weapons in battle, as well as a rifle. He is surprisingly very heavy, and his attacks are quite strong. Snake can be unlocked by:
  • Playing 15 VS. Matches on Shadow Moses Island
  • Playing 130 VS. Matches
  • By being met in the Subspace Emissary
Standard Hand Grenade
Side Remote Controlled Missile
Up Cypher
Down C4
Final Smash Grenade Launcher
BrawlSonic Sonic Sonic Emblem Sonic is the fastest character in the game; even faster than Captain Falcon. He also has a good bit of strength, and is a middle-weight. Sonic is unlocked by one of four methods:
  • Complete the Subspace Emissary
  • Complete Classic Mode with 10 characters
  • Play VS. Matches for 10 hours
  • Play 300 VS. Matches
Standard Homing Attack
Side Spin Dash
Up Spring Jump
Down Spin Charge
Final Smash Super Sonic

Additionally, as new characters are unlocked, they are added to the group of fighters at the beginning intro of the game.


Pelissä on yhteensä 41 taisteluareenaa: 31 uutta ja 10 vanhaa kentää Super Smash Bros. Meleestä

Valmiit kentät

  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Delfino Plaza
  • Mushroom Kindgom
  • Mario Circuit
  • Rumble Falls
  • Bridge of Eldin
  • Norfair
  • Frigate Orpheon
  • Yoshi's Island
  • Halberd
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Pokémon Stadium 2
  • Port Town Aero Dive
  • Castle Siege
  • WarioWare Inc.
  • Distant Planet
  • Smashville
  • New Pork City
  • Summit
  • Skyworld
  • PictoChat
  • Shadow Moses Island
  • Temple (Melee-kenttä)
  • Yoshi's Island (Melee-kenttä)
  • Onett (Melee-kenttä)
  • Corneria (Melee-kenttä)
  • Rainbow Cruise (Melee-kenttä)
  • Brinstar (Melee-kenttä)

Avattavat kentät

  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Pirate Ship
  • Spear Pillar
  • 75m
  • Mario Bros.
  • Flat Zone 2
  • Hanenbow
  • Green Hill Zone
  • Jungle Japes (Melee-kenttä)
  • Green Greens (Melee-kenttä)
  • Big Blue (Melee-kenttä)
  • Pokémon Stadium (Melee-kenttä)


  • Klassikko, joka on sellainen pelitila, jossa kuuluu läpäistä erilaisia taisteluita, ja välillä on minipelejä, ja lopussa taistellaan Maste Handia (Joskus ehkä Crazy Handia) vastaan.
  • Aliavaruuden lähettiläs, on Brawlin seikkauilupelitila,jota voi pelata myös kaksinpelinä.
  • All-Star, joka on sellainenpelitila, missä pelaajan täytyy voittaa kaikki pelin hahmot,ja palkinnoksi saa pokaalin hahmon Final Smash-liikkeestä.
  • Tapahtumat, on pelitila, missä täytyy läpäistä erilaisia tehtäviä, ja niitä tulee lisää silloin, kun aiempia on tarpeeksi paljon läpäissyt. Näitä tehtäviäon 41 kappaletta.
  • Stadion, pelitila, missä on erilaisia minipelejä, kuten Kotipesäkilpailu, tai Monen miehen tappelu.
  • Harjoittelu, pelitila, missä voi harjoitella, ottaa esineitä, muokata vastustajan liikkeitä, ja tehdä vaikka mitä erilaisia asioita.

Moninpelitiloja ovat:

  • Tappelu, ihan tavallinen taistelu, minkä säännöissä voi mm. valita ottelutyypin, tai esineiden tiheyden. Myös hahmon,hahmon värin ja kentän saa valita.
  • Erikoistappelu, missä pelaaja voi laittaa tappeluun omat erikoissäännöt. Esim. laittaa hahmot mega- tai minikokoisiksi tai pistää nopeuden hitaaksi tai nopeaksi.
  • Vuoropeli, jossa pelaajien hahmot "vuorottelevat".
  • Turnajaiset, tätä pelitilaa voi pelata enintään 32 pelaajaa, jossa hahmot taistelevat satunnaisilla hahmoilla ja vaikeusasteeilla.

All-Star -ottelut

# Sarja Hahmo(t) Taso
150px Game & Watch Mr. Game & Watch Flat Zone 2
150px Mario Bros. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser Mushroomy Kingdom/Delfino Plaza/Mario Circuit/Luigi's Mansion
150px Donkey Kong Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong 75m/Rumble Falls
150px Ice Climber Ice Climbers Summit
150px R.O.B. R.O.B. Mario Bros.
150px The Legend of Zelda Link, Toon Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf Bridge of Eldin/Pirate Ship
150px Metroid Samus Aran/Zero Suit Samus Frigate Orpheon/Norfair
150px Kid Icarus Pit Skyworld
150px Metal Gear Solid Snake Shadow Moses Island
150px EarthBound Ness, Lucas New Pork City
150px Fire Emblem Marth, Ike Castle Siege
150px Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi's Island
150px F-Zero Captain Falcon Port Town Aero Dive
150px Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone
150px Kirby's Dream Land Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede Battleship Halberd
150px Star Fox Fox, Falco, Wolf Lylat Cruise
150px WarioWare, Inc. Wario WarioWare, Inc.
150px Pokémon Pikachu, Pokémon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff Pokémon Stadium 2/Spear Pillar
150px Pikmin Captain Olimar Distant Planet


  • Toiminnantäyteinen taistelupeli, joka sisältää Nintendo-peleistä tuttuja hahmoja (Mario, Link, Pikachu, jne.) sekä Solid Snaken ja tietty Sonicin!
  • Pystyy pelaamaan netissä.
  • Seikkailupeli tilaa voi pelata joko yksin tai kaverin kanssa.
  • Sisältää laajan seikkailupelitilan nimeltään "The Subspace Emissary", joka on jo itsessään oma pelinsä.
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