London MIM

Lontoon kartta, Mario is Missing!-pelistä.

Lontoo on Englannin pääkaupunki. Parhaita nähtävyyksiä siellä on Tower of London, Westminster Abbey ja Big Ben. Lontoo esiintyi ensimmäistä kertaa Mario-pelisarjassa, pelissä Mario is Missing!.

Tietoa Lontoosta, Mario is Missing!-pelistä

  • Poika:
    • "Water, water all around, you're on Europe's largest island."
    • "If you stand where the Union Jack unfurls, you're in the 8th largest city in the world."
  • Turisti:
    • "It's the United Kingdom and Great Britain. There's a third name too, I'm not kidding."
    • "We landed at Heathrow. The doubledecker bus driver had an English accent."
  • Kiireinen nainen:
    • "Can you smell the're only 21 miles of water away from France."
    • "Prince Charles will one day be king. If you know you're in London you know everything."
  • Tieteilijä:
    • "London's been the capital for 2000 years. Although in Europe, it's an island, I hear."
  • Poliisi:
    • "You've landed in London in time for tea. While in England I'm known as a female Bobby."
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