Kuva Mariosta ja Kooperista Koopa Villagessa.

Koopa Village (suom. Koopa Kylä) on pieni kylä, Paper Mario -pelissä. Siellä asuu Koopia ja joitan Bob-ombeja, jotka ovat lähteneet Koopa Bros.:in linnasta. Koopa Villagesta löytyy Fuzzyjä.

Vihollisia löytyy

Paikan tattlet

  • It's Koopa Village. Big surprise! Koopas live here. Recently it seems like some Bob-ombs have moved here, too. They must have run away from the fortress, huh?
  • The house with the yellowish roof is the home of the famous archaeologist and explorer, Kolorado. Kolorado's always running from one mysterious place to another in order to do research. He's really well respected in his field.
  • We'd better be careful. There are supposedly lots of Fuzzies around this area. Usually they stay hidden, but lately they're more aggressive.
  • This part of the forest is the Fuzzie's main stronghold. The woods would actually be quite beautiful if not for the Fuzzies. The light's nice... Do you think Koopas do the logging around here?

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