”CRUD! You dumb video-game heroes ALWAYS pull this stuff! It's RIDICULOUS! You think violence solves everything, don't you? Huh? DON'T YOU?!?”

~Gus pelissä Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Gus on vihollinen pelissä Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Hän lintu, jonka maksimi HP on 20, ja hyökkäys 3.


  • "Stay down, Bro!"
  • "I'm gonna make you eat your words, tough guy! Let's get this party started!" - (Gus taistellessa Marion kanssa.)
  • "You know, when the sky got all dark, even I was a little scared. But thanks to you, everything's okay now. You really ARE a hero."
  • "Huh! That hurt? You have no chance of beating me, trust me... So, you'd better run. Yeah, if you don't, seriously, it'll be Game Over for you! You can choose to Run from your Tactics menu. Sometimes, it's best to run." - (Gus giving Mario advice in battle.)
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