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Holy crap this fight is long. By the way it starts at 02:53

With Challenge Medal on this becomes a real final boss, Dark Bowser packs some powerful attacks and if you get really careless he will pummel Bowser into dreamland with three to four attacks or even less.

Fawful as the Dark Star Core is no pushover either he can KO both bros. with TWO attack even with the best armor on and that arrow thing after the spinning pendulum attack? One shot kill if it hits.

The thing here is that you can't end this fight as quickly as you could without Challenge Medal so this fight becomes really dangerous and you really need to know how to dodge every incoming attack.

Challenge Medal Makes enemies a lot more durable giving around 50% more HP, SPD and DEF. It also raises the damage enemies by a lot meaning some bosses can outright one shot you. Basically you're playing the game on Hard Mode when wearing that equip. Winning a battle with the Challenge Medal on will give you 50% Coins at the end.

The earliest you can get it is after beating Cholesteroad's Green Shell challenge as soon as you defeat Scutlet and restore Bowser's flames.

Fighting bosses with Challenge Medal is no joke, they deal very high damage and can withstand a lot more, what would kill them in a few turns won't work so well and the window for mistakes here is a lot smaller since some bosses will one shot you if you get careless.

And for an additional nuisance Challenge Medal takes one spot on your equips meaning your need to intentionally put something that only makes the game harder and gives absolutely no status bonus, only Coins.

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